Der blev fundet 1212 titler
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Babies  Liten och vilsen  cd  45,00  bestil
Babyface  Face2Face  cd  45,00  bestil
Babyface  For the Cool in You  cd  50,00  bestil
Babylon Zoo  King Kong Groover  cd  45,00  bestil
Back to Back  Solfanger  cd  50,00  bestil
Backstreet boys  Backstreet boys  cd  35,00  bestil
Backstreet boys  Black & blue  cd  35,00  bestil
Baird, Dan  Songs for the hearing impaired  cd  65,00  bestil
Ball, Edward  If a man ever loved a woman  cd  50,00  bestil
  10 TR. 40:54. Creation Records 1995   
Ball, Edward  Welcome to the wonderful world of..  cd  50,00  bestil
  2cd med mesteren fra 1995   
Band of holy Joy, The  Positively Spooked  cd  40,00  bestil
Banerjee, Pt. Nikihil  Sitar  cd  110,00  bestil
  4 tr. 71:53. 1992   
Banerjee, Pt. Nikihil  Sitar vol-1  cd  110,00  bestil
  3 tr. 72:19.- 1995   
Banerjee, Pt. Nikihil  Sitar vol-4  cd  110,00  bestil
  2 tr. 57:47. 1995   
BAP  Da Capo  cd  85,00  bestil
Barclay James Harvest 
Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories EXCELLENT  lp  200,00  bestil
  Medicine Man, Blue John's Blues, Ursula (The Swansea Song), Little Lapwing, Song With No Meaning, Harry's Song, Someone There You Know, The Poet, After The Day. GATEFOLD. GEMA - HARVEST EMI 1971   
Barclay James Harvest 
Barclay James Harvest EXCELLENT  lp  200,00  bestil
  Taking Some Time On, Mother Dear, The Sun Will Never Shine, When The World Was Woken, Good Love Child, The Iron Maiden, Dark Now My Sky. GATEFOLD. GEMA - HARVEST EMI 1970   
Barclay James Harvest 
EARLY MORNING ONWARDS 2. version EXCELLENT  lp  150,00  bestil
  Early Morning, Poor Wages, Brother Thrush, Mr.Sunshine, Taking Some Time On, Mother Dear, Mocking Bird, Song With No Meaning, I'm Over You, Child Of Man, After The Day. UK - EMI/Starline 1973   
Barclay James Harvest 
Everyone is everybody else EXCELLENT  lp  200,00  bestil
  Child Of The Universe, Negative Earth, Paper Wings, The Great 1974 Mining Disaster, Crazy City, See Me See You, Poor Boy Blues, Mill Boys, For No One. Polydor Records 14-06-74   
Barclay James Harvest 
Live EXCELLENT  lp  250,00  bestil
  Summer Soldier, Medicine Man, Crazy City, After The Day, The Great 1974 Mining Disaster, Galadriel, Negative Earth, She Said, Paper Wings, For No One, Mockingbird. GATEFOLD Polydor, 11-74   
Barclay James Harvest 
Mocking Bird EXCELLENT  lp  150,00  bestil
  Crazy (Over You), Delph Town Morn, Summer Soldier, Thank You, One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out, Moonwater. INLAY. UK - HARVEST EMI 1972   
Barclay James Harvest 
Once Again EXCELLENT  lp  200,00  bestil
  She Said, Happy Old World, Song For Dying, Galadriel, Mocking Bird, Vanessa Simmons, Ball And Chain, Lady Loves. GATEFOLD. GEMA - HARVEST EMI 1971   
Barcode Brothers  Swipe me  cd  68,00  bestil
Barlow, Gary  Twelve months, eleven days  cd  20,00  bestil
Barret, Sigurd  Sigurd og symfoniorkestret  cd  65,00  bestil
  18 tracks. 52:40. 8 pages booklet.   
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